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My name is Ms. Blake. I hold a B.S. in History and Secondary Education, with a minor in Special Education and a Coaching Endorsement from Mount Marty College. I played basketball while attending Mount Marty as well. I graduated High School from Centerville, SD.​ In addition to teaching Middle School Social Studies, I am also the Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach and Jr. High Track Coach here at Garretson. 
Please feel free to contact me with any que​stions or concerns you may have. My email address is

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​​Ms. Blake's Schedule


7:45-8:15........PREP (Meetings)

815:-8:59.......1st Period (8.1)

9:31-9:45.......2nd Period (8.2)

9:47-10:31......3rd Period (7.1)

10:33-11:17....4th Period (7.2)

11:17-11:47....5th Period (Lunch)

11:59-12:43....6th Period (6.1)

12:45-1:29......7th Period (6.2)





MS Grading Scale​​

95 – 100

92 – 94            A-​   

89 – 91            B+

86 – 88            B

83 – 85            B-​

80 – 82            C+

77 – 79            C

74-76               C-

70-73               D+

68-69               D

65-67               D-

64 and below   F                          

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